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2022-07-30 18:03:11 By : Mr. Rong Chen

In children’s school tiffins, women often keep sabzi and paratha. Lakin kya ye kafi hai? After waking up in the morning, 7 to 8 hours of school time is not enough for children to eat. You should pack your child’s lunchbox wisely so that the child enjoys the food and also likes the taste. At the same time, it is very important to get a full nutritionist for the child. Here are the tips for packing children’s lunch boxes

How to pack a healthy lunchbox

Keep it fresh and varied

Always give fresh food to children. Try not to pack refrigerated food. Pack some seasonal fruits for kids in the lunch box. Apart from the water bottle, you can keep buttermilk, thandai, mango panna, milkshake and fresh fruit juice in a separate bottle. By doing this, children stay hydrated. At the same time, children can get bored by eating the same food every day. In this way, pack food with a different variety every day. You can keep kathi rolls, paneer wraps with stuffing cakes or some stuffed parathas.

Why use vegetables a lot

When you feed these different vegetables from childhood, he learns to eat everything. If you are making pasta and noodles for your baby, add as many vegetables as possible. Children who eat too much vegetables can save themselves from serious illness.

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Children’s school time is quite long. In this case, you may feel hungry again and again. In this way, you can prepare small lunch boxes for the child. जिस्म की में फाल होन, की में श्रोट्स, या द्यर फ्रॉत्य हॉन. By doing this, the child’s appetite is reduced and he feels less tired. Is it safe to use oil to clean children’s ears? Know what the experts say

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